Reinhard Döhl | Poetische Korrespondenzen / Renshi/Renku-Projekte
sie und er dialogisieren während eines schachspiels

Eine poetische Korrespondenz von Bettina Sorge und Reinhard Döhl

she: it was the lark
and not the nightingale
he: to be or let us be
two fools of fortune

time to forget
time to forget the shadow
she: of appletrees
and grasp the nettle

sky filled with swallows
fiddles will be tuned
he: o apothecary
thy drugs are quick

thus with a kiss
and all the world's a stage
she: alas poor yorick
ring the bell

for rain
it raineth every day
he: thus with a kiss -
words words

words you said strewn all over the room
who anticipate my wishes
she: who decodes the game crossings
and spells out that once upon

then time stays still
keep's quiet - what's left
he: it was the nightingale
and not the lark